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plastic mac

Waterfront, Michael Anderson, UK, 1950





Avis Scott wears a rather crumpled long shiny plastic raincoat for much of this film.

(Rainy Brian)

Luci Del Varieta, Alberto Lattuada e Federico Fellini, Italy, 1950 About 8 minutes in we see one of the ladies in a song and dance troupe wearing what appears to be a shiny see-through plastic raincoat, complete with white polka dots. (Rainy Brian)
Stage Fright, Hitchcock, UK, 1950

Definitely not one of Hitchcock's best films - but it's still Hitchcock! It stars Jane Wyman, Marlene Dietrich, Michael Wilding, Richard Todd and Alastair Sim. Eve Gill (Wyman) receives a visit from her former boyfriend, Jonathan Cooper (Todd), who is on the run from the police. He explains that he was trying to cover up a murder committed by his present lover, Charlotte Inwood (Dietrich), a singing star in the twilight of her career, but has only succeeded in having suspicion fall on him. Eve sets out to uncover the truth, aided by Scotland Yard detective, Wilfred Smith (Wilding), and her father (Sim). Of course, nothing is quite as it seems.
None of the stars wear raincoats, but there is a sequence at a fete when the heavens open, and the extras wear a variety of macs. Charlotte's dresser, Nellie (Kay Walsh), dabbling in a bit of blackmail, wears a rather grubby- looking raincoat in this sequence. (Dave D)

Portrait of Clare, Lance Comfort, UK, 1950

In one scene actors Richard Todd and Margaret Johnson are both wearing rubberised satin capes. The film is full of wonderful piano music... (Alan)
Stromboli, Roberto Rossellini, Italy, 1950 With Ingrid Bergman in a trenchcoat. (Bob G)
Three Came Home, Jean Negulesco, US 1950.

Claudette Colbert stars as Agnes Newton Keith, whose experiences of war-time captivity by the Japanese in North Borneo this is. Sessue Hayakawa is the Camp Commander, General Suga. When the Japanese first arrive at Sandakan, there is a rainstorm, so the Westerners all don their macs. (The natives just get drenched as usual!) Claudette Colbert wears a trenchcoat (in one scene, buttoned to the neck). Florence Desmond wears a plastic mac. When we first see it, it definitely has an attached hood, but later, when she is asking the Japanese Captain for some quinine,  her mac has no hood. Since we can assume that the Japanese did not supply replacement macs to the captives, this must be a continuity slip. Sylvia Andrew as Henrietta, another prisoner, wears a shiny plastic mac with a matching headscarf. (Dave)

A Case for PC 49, Francis Searle, UK, 1950

I've got a date for this at last! Not available on video though - as far as I can find out. Said by several reliable witneses to be very interesting. They include Elvis, so I will certainly keep looking out for it myself.




No Sad Songs for Me, Rudolph Mate, US, 1950 Margaret Sullavan appears in a transparent-white plastic raincoat on a cloudless day in a confrontation with a pair of women wearing old-fashioned cloth coats. The raincoat appears to have been intended to emphasize the modernity of the character's attitudes in contrast to the less advanced attitudes of the other two women. Note how that use of the raincoat as a cultural marker contrasts with the use of a plastic raincoat to imply sleaziness in 1957's "Witness for the Prosecution". What a difference a few years can make.
The Woman in Question, Anthony Asquith, UK, 1950 Susan Shaw appears in a rubberlined hooded mackintosh when meeting her boyfriend on a wet night. The hood is pulled up during the scene and the mackintosh is clearly wet. (Bob)

Father of the Bride, Vincente Minnelli, USA, 1950

In the Church scene for the wedding rehearsal I think the bride Liz Taylor is wearing a rubberlined hooded (wet) mackintosh . Other females are clearly wearing plastic raincoats. (Bob)
Identité Judicaire, Hervé Bromberger, France, 1951


A non-transparent plastic raincoat can be seen briefly from about 75 minutes. (Rainy Brian)

Der Verlorene, Peter Lorre, Germany, 1951


Peter Lorre has an encounter with a lady wearing a silver coloured raincoat on a tube train.

(Rainy Brian)



plastic mac

Home to Danger, Terence Fisher, UK, 1951



10 minutes into the film we see a lady wearing a long, very shiny grey looking raincoat.

Pics thanks to MacRain.

(Rainy Brian)

Eva Erbt Das Paradies... Ein Abenteuer Im Salzkammergut, Franz Antel, Austria, 1951


Two ladies, one wearing a see through plastic raincoat and the other a plastic see through cape, make their way through the rain from the rainway station to seek refuge in a farmhouse. (Rainy Brian)
Summer Interlude and Sommarlek, Ingmar Bergman, Sweden, 1951

aka Illicit Interlude

When Maj-Bitt Nilsson visits her lover in hospital as he dies, following an accident during their brief relationship, she is wearing a long shiny black plastic raincoat. (Rainy Brian)

plastic macI want you, Mark Robson, US, 1951

Farley Granger and Peggy Dow are players in a drama about the effect that the Korean War has on a typical American family. Picture in Rainy Day Cinema.(T)

There's a scene in the middle here where the character Carrie, played by Peggy Dow, is coming out of the rain, into boyfriend Jack's garage, wearing what looks like a regular mac, with an over-sized plastic rain scarf... Fascinating! (LH)

(T and LH)

He Ran All The Way, John Berry, US, 1951 Shelley Winters comes back from the shops in a light rubberised cotton mackintosh. (James)
Cargo To Capetown, Earl McEvoy, US, 1951  Broderick Crawford and John Ireland are rivals for the attention of Ellen Drew in smuggling drama. Picture in Rainy Day Cinem.(T)
Return to Glennascaul, Hilton Edwards, Eire, 1951

Shows a man picking up two ladies hitching a lift in the rain, both wearing rubberised taffeta capes. Shortly after, the women take their capes off in the hallway - with the rubber lining clearly seen. (James)

Peter adds: Orson Welles did the introduction. Welles was in Ireland making a feature film at the time. Shelah Richards and Helena Hughes are wearing the capes.

(James and Peter)

Operation Pacific, George Waggner, US, 1951 World War II, heavy rainfall, a navy nurse (Patricia Neil) wearing a rubberized raincoat, rubberized rainhat and rubber boots gets out of a jeep in front of the barracks. The female jeep driver also wears the same outfit. The nurse then stands in the pouring rain turning on the flashlight before entering the barracks. The coat and hat is shiny wet from the rain. Once inside the barracks she takes of the rainhat and opens the raincoat, now the rubber boots are clearly visible to be knee high. (PE)
Lady Godiva Rides Again, Frank Launder, UK, 1951

Early in the film Pauline Stroud comes downstairs fastening her rubberised cotton mackintosh which is tightly belted, goes through to meet her boyfriend in the next room, and then twists and turns to check the seams of her stockings in the mirror, all accompanied by the loud swishing and rustling of the mack. Shortly after she is in the cinema still with her mac on. Reminding me of many occasions when I was in the cinema with a girl who used to wear a mackintosh... (James)

Decision before Dawn, Anatole Litvak, USA, 1951

Hildegarde Kneff wears a long leather coat with a belt - ie a trench coat. This is a war movie, a clip of 5 minutes is to be seen in YouTube


plastic raincoat

La Tratta delle Bianche, Luigi Comencini, Italy, 1952

About 23 minutes into this film there are a couple of excellently shot scenes featuring a lady wearing transparent plastic raincoat. (Rainy Brian)

Known in the USA as Girls Marked Danger. The girl in the plastic raincoat is Silvana Pampanini (a one-time Miss Italy).

Sophia Loren was also in the film - but not in a raincoat.



Plastic Raincoat in Angels in the OutfieklAngels in the Outfield, Clarence Brown, US, 1952

Janet Leigh wears a plastic cape.(W.K.)
The Brave Don't Cry, Philip Leacock, UK, 1952

More than one sequence featuring rubberised cotton macs. (Peter L) Set in a Scottish mining village. A young mother, Meg Buchanen, is seen at the start of the film wearing a rubberlined hooded mackintosh, preparing to venture out into the rain. There she neets Wendy Noel, also wearing a rubberlined mackintosh (no hood). They walk back together to the railway station and then back into the rain.

The film has a continuity problem. In one scene Meg's mackintosh has no hood as she enters a building but once inside a hood has appeared. This happens on three occasions in the film.

Another interesting scene is at the doctors. Meg wearing her hooded mackintosh has taken her younger brother there when there's an explosion in the mine. She open the window and puts her head out. Rain can clearly be seen to drop into her rubberlined hood. I wonder what happened when she put the hood up? (Bob)

Index pic thanks to RM.

(Peter L, Bob, RM)

Cosh Boy, Lewis Gilbert, UK, 1952

I believe this was one of the first films to be award the new X certificate. The female lead was a young Joan Collins and she wears a white mackintosh for a significant sequence toward the end of the film. (RM)

'James Kennedy is the most gentle thug ever to terrorise the streets of London, but Joan Collins comes closer to life as the nice girl doomed to a life of misery.' Radio Times Guide to Films.

Phone Call from a Stranger, Jean Negulesco, US, 1952 Shelley Winters wears a translucent plastic mac. (W.K.)

We're not married, Edmund Goulding, US, 1952

Ginger Rogers is wearing a see-through plastic mac. (W.K.)
Le Fruit Défendu Henri Verneuil, France, 1952

aka Forbidden Fruit

With Françoise Arnoul and Fernandel. He is besotted with her, and she meets him as he returns home wearing a rubberised mac. The scene, unfortunately, is very short. (HGG)


Mandy, Alexander Mackendrick, UK, 1952

Great shots here of Eleanor Summerfield wearing a terrific mackintosh. I would dearly like to know the make and colour! (Yoorge)
Niagara, Henry Hathaway, US, 1952

(Authorities differ on the release date.)

Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Cotten, Casey Adams and Jean Peters amongst others enjoy the delights of Niagara falls in the days when they hired you real rubber Mackintoshes and Wellingtons to view the falls from either the Maid of the Mist, the Scenic Tunnel under Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side or the Cave of the Winds on the American side. (It's lightweight plastic now.) (AR) (Thanks to Servitus for supplying the pic.)

Ray adds:

Superb shots of American PVC (Slickers?), yellow macs, hats AND (!) trousers for the women. Black macs and boots for the men. All the macs have a large front collar. Two or more excellent time sequences when these mackintoshes are in full view and in very wet action scenes. Strongly recommend film to all PVC and shiny mac fans.

(AR, Ray)

Nachts auf den Strassen, Rudolf Jugert, Germany, 1952


The German film of 1952 with Hildegarde Knef was called Nachts auf den Strassen, shown in French as Seule sur la Route with English subtitles. Also called The Detour and for the UK and also the USA release Nights on the Road. In 1957 a re-release in the USA was called The Mistress. The truck driver was played by Hans Albers and the "easy girl" was called Inge. It was shown in Bruxelles in 1953 at the "Cinéma de Paris". (André)

Singin' in the Rain, Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen, US, 1952

Of course the best film ever has to focus on rain and the human response.(H)
Laxdale Hall, John Eldridge, UK, 1952 Set in Scotland. Young Prunella Scales wears a rubberlined mackintosh in the centre of a crowd scene. (Rob)

Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot, Jacques Tati and Bernard Maurice and Pierre Aubert, France, 1952

M. Hulot is on holiday in a drowsy seaside. In the typical hotel where he has bed and board he creates many disasters. (Bernard)

Forever Female, Irving Rapper, US, 1953

Ginger Rogers wears what appears to be a shiny rubber raincoat which gets wet at one point. Can’t be sure of the colour, but it might be red or brown.

(Rainy Brian)

Mara Maru, Gordon Douglas, US, 1952 Plenty of good rubberised mac shots and scenes. (Peter L)
Dortoir des Grandes,Henri Decoin, France, 1953


About an hour in there are a couple of night scenes where a young lady, wearing a shiny plastic or rubber raincoat, climbs over a wall and follows a man to an uninhabited building. It’s too dark to determine if there is any transparency to the raincoat.

(Rainy Brian)

Серебристая пыль, Pavel Armand & Abram Room, USSR, 1953


Aka Silver Dust.

Some ‘doctors’ wear long shiny black rubber coats.

(Rainy Brian)


Forever Female, Irving Rapper, US, 1953

Stars William Holden, Ginger Rogers, Paul Douglas and Patricia Crowley.

Unfortunately there are NOT too many known pictures available.

(Thanks to WK)

Un Marito per Anna Zacceo, Giuseppe De Santis, Italy, 1953


For about 7 minutes from the 47th minute we get good views of the leading lady wearing a semi transparent plastic raincoat.

(Rainy Brian)


Plastic mac



La Provinciale , Mario Soldati, Italy, 1953


On 38 minutes we see Gina Lollobrigida wearing a transparent plastic raincoat and then half an hour later she wears a dark non-transparent plastic raincoat. Neither of them have hoods. (Rainy Brian)

La Lollo looks fantastic in plastic! The film was known in the UK as The Wayward Wife. (Domino)

Vystraha , Miroslav Cikán, Czechoslovakia, 1953

aka A Warning

For around five minutes at about the 30 minute mark we see factory workers, male and female, wearing rainwear, both plastic an non-plastic. (Rainy Brian)

From Here to Eternity, Fred Zinnermann, USA, 1953

A great 5-minute sequence where Burt Lancaster, as a Marine Sergeant, visits Deborah Kerr in her quarters. He is dressed in a raincoat, rubberized on the outside. They clinch, and she rubs her hands over the wet rubber.
I remember American serviceman in London during the War wearing or carrying this same raincoat.    (Charlie)

The Bad and the Beautiful, Vincente Minnelli, France, 1953

In this great classic, Lana Turner wears a trench in a casting scene. Then, when she comes home drunk later, she has it across her shoulders over an evening dress. (André)

World for Ransom, Robert Aldrich, US, 1953

With Dan Duryea. Just over a quarter of an hour in, his ex-wife could be of interest. (Susan)
Miss Sadie Thompson, Curtis Bernhardt, US, 1953

Somerset Maugham's story "Rain" has been filmed at least three times. In the 1953 version Rita Hayworth played the main character - a woman of dubious reputation. It seemed that her mac was intended to protect her as much from the harrassment of the sanctimonious Reverend Davidson (Jose Ferrer) as from the monsoonal weather. Picture in Rainy Day Cinema.(T)

Take the High Ground, Richard Brooks, Italy and USA, 1953

Stars Richard Wydmark, Karl Malden and Elaine Stewart. Elaine wore a classic trench coat in two scenes. She played the part of the widow of an officer, somewhat alcoholic, in love with Richard Wydmark, a military instructor, who was very evil and sadistic with the soldiers under him. It took place during the Korean War. Elaine looked great in the trench especially at the end of the film, when she wore it belted. (André)

Mogambo, John Ford, US, 1953 Ava Gardner looks stunning in her black mac and hat walking through the jungle during a rainstorm. Also starring Clark Gable and Grace Kelly. (LH)
The War of the Worlds, Byron Haskin, US, 1953 This often televised motion picture on AMC displays the desparate measures taken to fight off aliens, including nuclear blasting. Of course the good guys are fully protected in transparent rain suits.(SK)

plastic mac

Brieftrager Muller, John Reinhardt, Germany, 1953

The postman played by Heinz Ruhmann and his family are all wearing grey translucent plastic raincapes. (W.K.)

Well, "Miss Muller" is not dressed in a plastic raincape but in a plastic raincoat. (MacRain)

(W.K. and MacRain)



Genevieve, Henry Cornelius, UK, 1953

A woman wears a lovely dark blue taffeta mac in one of the race crowd scenes. (Anon). Another visitor adds: What about the lovely Dinah Sheridan wearing that lovely classic riding mac, then on arriving at the very seedy guest house, flopping on to the bed, still wearing that mac?

I loved Dinah Sheridan in her double-textured mac until I turned the sound up, when the snobby and petulant character she was playing almost turned me off! The bit I loved best was in the hotel at the reception counter, when she looked so wonderfully sharp standing there, with the belt buckled tight and the collar pulled up, her hands thrust in her pockets. Like a parcel done up tight and neat and secure by one of those male shop-assistants in expensive shoe shops. It looks as though it should be so easy to look like that, but oh how difficult it is! (LE)

For several reasons Genevieve is a very fine film. I've seen it replayed several times and, amongst other joys, love to see Dinah Sheridan in her lovely riding mac.

And yet; and yet - I feel sure that when I saw the film originally in the fifties, Kay Kendal was shown, for quite a few minutes, too, in her mac - blue, single-textured.

Have I been deluding myself all these years? Or was/am I right and was the film cut for some reason?

Anyone agree with me? Better still has anyone a video of a longer (uncut) edition ? That'd be super.



The Band Wagon, Vincente Minelli, USA, 1953

Directed by Vincente Minelli after The Bad and the Beautiful, The Band Wagon featured Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse. It tells the story of the come-back of a star dancer played by Astaire - who was actually making his own come-back with this film. The day of the premiere on Broadway saw heavy rain and at the end Cyd Charisse wore a nice classic trench coat with epaulettes (exactly like a Burberry) . She looked great! (André)

satin mac

It's a Grand Life, John E. Blakeley, UK, 1953

Diana Dors' beautiful blonde hair is complimented by a silver rubberised satin mackintosh. In the chief sequence the mackintosh gets quite a rough passage especially when the lady is unceremoniously thrown in a canal but strangely enough when Diana is rescued the mackintosh is pristine again. (RM)
Siamo Donne, Roberto Rossellini Gianni Franciolini Luigi Zampa Luchino Visconti, Italy, 1953  

aka Nous les Femmes


This is a film in four parts (each being a portrait of four famous Italian actresses (or actresses living in Italy) of the time : Ingrid Bergman, Alida Valli, Isa iranda and Anna Magnani. In the part with Anna Magnani (directed by Visconti), there is at the theatre with Anna Magnani two Viennese dancers dressed with underwear and plastic raincoats. They dance in their raincoats in a short ballet called " The Rain ".

A Lion is in the Streets, Raoul Walsh, US, 1953. During a rainstorm, a young teacher (Barbara Hale) walks with her class to the local schoolhouse in the rural South. The whole group wading through ankle deep mud in the pouring rain and everybody gets wet and muddy. She wears a dark shiny (rubber?) raincoat, a rainhat and what appear to be rubber overshoes. (PE)
The Heart Of The Matter,
George More O'Ferrall, UK, 1953
Trevor Howard wears a riding mac - and takes it off to great effect. (KR)


L'Ennemi Public No 1, Henri Verneuil, France and Italy, 1953

The release is sometimes listed as 1954.

With Fernandel and Zsa-Zsa Gabor.

A french movie in USA. Because of a judicial mistake, Joe (Fernandel) is confused with a crook and imprisoned. Lola (Zsa-Zsa Gabor), a gang boss, is to organize his escape. To meet Fernandel, she obtains a rendez-vous with the prison warden, pretending to be a christian charity association member. Zsa-Zsa is a femme fatale, but for an ultra serious look in the warden's office, she has full buttoned up her mackintosh and turned up the collar tight around her neck. In an other scene she is again in her mac, this time unbuttoned.

La vierge du rhin, Gilles Grangier, France

Actress Nadia Gray wears a black raincoat with a belt - satin look. With Jean Gabin.


Burnt Evidence, Daniel Birt, UK, 1953

On 5 minutes a cleaning lady appears wearing a see through plastic raincoat.

(Rainy Brian)

Avant le Deluge, André Cayatte, French and Italy, 1954

A man and a lady are walking home at night. He wears a long rubberised shiny raincoat and she wears an equally long light coloured raincoat.

(Rainy Brian)

La Romana, Luigi Zampa, Itally & France, 1954

Right at the end of the film Gina Lollobrigida wears a long dark semi-shiny and very slightly transparent plastic raincoat.

(Rainy Brian)

Stolen Assignment, Terence Fisher, UK, 1954

At the start an elderly lady wears a plastic raincoat.

(Rainy Brian)

Knave Of Hearts, Rene Clement, UK, 1954

This film is also known as "Monsieur Ripois". Gerard Philipe and Joan Greenwood are rainsoaked lovers in this offbeat comedy about a philanderer who confesses all his affairs to his wife. Further picture in Rainy Day Cinema.(T)


single texture trench

Mad About Men, Ralph Thomas, UK, 1954

Towards the end of the film as a concert is starting, Glynis Johns suddenly appears in the dressing room wearing a beautiful bright yellow rubberised taffeta mackintosh with a matching hat. She leans back against the door and stretches the rubber mac with her lovely chest. Gorgeous! Shortly after she is seen in a wheelchair. When she pushes the wheels the rippling of the yellow mackintosh across her front is spectacular, and at one point she stops and [delete, delete!] (James).

Thanks to Bryan for the pic.)

Delirio, Pierre Billon, Italy and France, 1954.

Aka Orage (France)

With Françoise Arnoul .(André)


plastic raincoat

This is my Love, Stuart Heisler, US, 1954


Linda Darnell dressed in a plastic mac. (W.K.)

Ah les belles bacchantes, Jean Loubignac, France, 1954 This is an excentric fanny story in the style of the famous Branquignoles. Dialogues are by Francis Blanche (who appears in a yellow oilskin and souwester singing under the rain on a theater stage). There is a long scene with a ballet featuring lots of women wearing plastic translucent white or black raincoats with assorted hats. They just walk slowly for our great pleasure. (Cire Noir)
Murder by Proxy, Terence Fisher, UK, 1954

aka Blackout.

As a girl faints in the hero's flat, the door opens and in comes Eleanor Summerfield wearing a black rubberised satin mackintosh, which she fills beautifully. She walks over to the bed, unbuttons the mack, and with a loud swish throws it over the chair. (Bob)

Filmclip (Ivan)

Doctor in the House, Ralph Thomas, UK, 1954 Has scene early on with a lady wearing a heavy rubberised cotton mackintosh walking with her dog to the bus stop. Then shortly after there appears a scene in the pouring rain with a girl in the front of the group wearing a wet blue rubberised taffeta mackintosh with the hood up. Later a scene in Battersea Park where the two main characters are having tea in an open air cafe: in the background a family arrives with the woman wearing a green rubberised taffeta mackintosh (with the hood straps hanging down and the rubber lining of the hood clearly seen), a girl in the far background is wearing a yellow rubberised taffeta mackintosh, - and, as well, as the couple leave the cafe, a girl walks past them wearing a long blue rubberised taffeta mackintosh. (James)
Alias John Preston, David Macdonald, UK, 1955

On 42 minutes a lady appears wearing a shiny rubberised raincoat with hood up. She can then be seen taking it off.
(Rainy Brian)

Himmel Ohne Sterne, Helmut Käutner, Germany, 1955

Aka Sky Without Stars

A lady wears a semi transparent plastic raincoat which gets a bit wet at one point.

(Rainy Brian)

Zapasnoy Igrok, Semyon Timoshenko, Russia, 1955


aka Запасной игрок, Benchwarmer,

At the very start of this football related colour film we see two of the leads getting soaking wet in an outdoor scene and in the background there is plenty of the rainwear of the day to see.

(Rainy Brian)

Un Eroe Dei Nostri Tempi, Mario Monicelli, Italy,1955


aka A Hero For Our Times.

After about 41 minutes there’s a brief scene showing a lady wearing a long dark transparent raincat as she locks up her shop for the night. (Rainy Brian)

Les Diaboliques (The Fiends), Henri-George Clouzot, France, 1955

Simone Signoret and Vera Clouzot both wear shower proof raincoats as the seek to dispose of the latters husbands body

The Man with the Golden Arm, Otto Preminger, US, 1955

Frankie Machine (Frank Sinatra) is just out of jail and clean of his drug habit. His wife, Zosch (Eleanor Parker) is confined to a wheelchair, which is why Molly (Kim Novak) is his lover. Frankie's ambition is to play drums in a band, but his talent is as a card dealer, and it isn't long before he's leaned on to take part in a poker game or to get a fix. Addicted again, he agrees to Molly taking care of him whilst he goes 'cold turkey'. Meanwhile, his drug dealer gets murdered. Guess who the police think did it.
There's is a brief scene where Molly wears a trenchcoat. (Dave D)

Where There's a Will, Vernon Sewell, UK, 1955

With Kathleen Harrison and George Cole. A film about a London family considering a move to a Devon farm has two girls in attractive rainwear, one in plastic, one in a single texture rubberised mackintosh (Peter and Rainy Brian)

Les Mauvaises Rencontres, Alexandre Astruc, France, 1955

With Anouk Aimée.


The Sign of Venus, Dino Risi, Italy, 1955

Story of a country girl who moves to stay with her city female cousin to seek work. Many scenes of both mackintoshed up. Rubberised nylon? Film quality excellent. (Colin)
Geordie, Frank Launder, UK, 1955

Norah Gorsen who plays Jean runs down the hill to the Highland Games carrying a green rubberised satin raincoat shouting "Come away my wee Geordie". Geordie is played by Bill Travers. (Archie Savage)

Kiss Me Deadly, Robert Aldrich, USA, 1955

Based on the novel of Mickey Spillane this classic American "film noir" of the 50's featured a woman wearing a trenchcoat - rumoured to be wearing only a trenchcoat - and running. (André)


The Man Who Never Was, Ronald Neame, 1955

In the middle there's a scene with a blue rubberised mac. (BC)

James adds: - as the girl walks up the stair in her blue rubberised taffeta mackintosh, it swishes and rustles so sexily. She then picks up the bottle of milk to a cacophony of swishing which brings back wonderful stimulating memories of the rubberised mack. (James)

SarahJane has very kindly supplied the vid from which I have attempted to take some stills. The sequence is an absolute classic, I can see that. But you really have to see the movie! The sequence is shot in a dark lobby, the camera is looking on from a distance and as James says half the magic is in the susurrus! I must say I've always thought of this style of mackintosh as typical of the fifties when the film was made, not the war years the film was actually about...Must think again! I love the way the mackintosh appears almost liquid in its movement. The thought that actually comes to mind is the liquid sound birds make in tropical forest! (LE)

Passage Home, Roy Baker, UK, 1955

Diane Cilento wears a rubberised satin mac as she is seen first on deck and then in a cabin during rough weather at sea. (Bob, Peter L) As she is wearing it she appears to come over faint at least twice, causing her on each occasion to fall into a different but equally welcoming sailor's arms.(LE)

The Sea Chase, John Farrow, US, 1955 John Wayne, Lana Turner. Scenes near the end involve Wayne and Lamar on deck during a storm, embracing wearing yellow storm gear. (Milo)
Man is Born, Vasily Orda, USSR , 1956

aka Человек родился

On 21 minutes two young ladies, both wearing transparent raincapes, embarress their male friend who is sheltering in a telephone kiosk worth a young lady carrying a baby who he is trying to help. (Rainy Brian)


Paris Palace Hotel , Henri Verneuil, France and Italy, 1956


Towards the end a lady wear a long white belted raincoat, with shiny buttons and a matching hat. (Rainy Brian)


trench coat

The Killer Is Loose, Budd Boetticher, USA, 1956

Featuring Joseph Cotton, Alan Hale Jr and the lovely Rhonda Fleming.

Rainy Brian adds: Starting on 43 minutes there are scenes of the leading lady wearing a white trenchcoat and as the action hots up later on there’s a man wearing a semi transparent plastic mac on a bus.


plastic mac

Hollywood or Bust, Frank Tashlin, USA, 1956

Pics thanks to W.K.

D-Day, the Sixth of June, Henry Koster, US, 1956

This stars Robert Taylor, Richard Todd and Dana Wynter (who was always billed as Dagmar Wynter in her earlier British films. It would seem that her real name was Dagmar Spencer-Marcus (!) or was that a publicist's joke?) Anyone expecting an action-packed war film would be sadly disappointed. This is one of those films where a number of seemingly cohesive parts fail to come together, for no very good reason, and result in mediocrity. What it badly lacks is passion in both the romantic passages and the sole action sequence. Indeed, the greatest excitement comes when Richard Todd's character gets his go-uppance (sic - well, it's a sick joke anyway) at the end of the film.
Dana Wynter wears a stone coloured trench coat (sans epaulettes) in several of her scenes. At one point Robert Taylor makes sure her top button is fastened. (Dave D)

The Hunters, Dick Powell, US, 1956

Robert Mitchum, Robert Wagner, Richard Egan and May Britt (who was at one time married to Sammy Davis Jnr.) are the stars of this film. Major Saville (Mitchum) is the leader of a squadron of US jet fighters in action over the Yalu River in the Korean War. Lieutenant Carl Abbott (Lee Phillips) is married to Kristina (Britt), but she has wandering eyes and they wander in Saville's direction. It's highly probable that he also has eyes for her (but since this is Robert Mitchum, whose eyes are always half-shut, who can tell?). Whatever, they becomes lovers. Lieutenant Ed Pell (Wagner) is a cocky young pilot. When Abbott is wounded and forced to bale out over enemy territory, Saville sets out to rescue him. Pell (disobeying orders) does too.
Dick Powell, a popular singer in the 30's and a good actor in the 40's, proved himself a competent director and here makes a decent film out of fairly run-of-the-mill material.
There is one scene when Kristina visits the HQ to enquire after her husband, in which she wears an off-white trench mac. This is worn lose. Immediately after, we see her return home and look out of the window with her raincoat fully buttoned and belted. (Dave D)

rainwear in films

Miracle in the Rain,
Rudolph Mate, US, 1956

This is a real 'weepie'. Forget your handkerchief - you'll need a bucket for this one! Set in New York during the Second World War, it stars Jane Wyman as timid secretary, Ruth, who allows herself to be picked up by a garrulous soldier (Van Johnson). You have to admire his bulldozing technique. He even takes her home to dinner: her home, that is - not his! Her mother is not at all pleased. In the scene where the couple meet, Ruth wears a dark belted raincoat and the soldier a thick US army one. As they dash for the bus through the rain, a number of hooded plastic raincoats, transparent and opaque, can be glimpsed. Oh, and if you can swallow the ending on this film, it really is a miracle! (Dave D)

And God Created Woman, Roger Vadim, France, 1956

Brigitte Bardot plays a wilful teenager living with foster parents. When they threaten to return her to the Home, she decides to run away from them. In a two minute sequence she is seen walking from their farm to a main road to catch a bus. She is wearing a delightful blue cotton rubberised mac, tightly buttoned and belted, showing off her fabulous figure. (Anon)

Crime et Châtiment, Georges Lampin, France, 1956

With Jean Gabin, Robert Hossein and Marina Vlady. Based on the Dostoievski book, but set in modern Paris (at that time). Marina Vlady wears a see-through plastic mac as a lady of the street; looking very seductive. (HGG, pic thanks André)

Voici le temps des assassins, Julien Duvivier, 1956, France


aka Deadlier than the Male

Jean Gabin plays a part of an owner of a restaurant in the quarter of "les halles". One day he received the visit of the daughter of his former wife (played by Daniele Delorme). It was indeed a "machination" on the part of the girl and her mother to get his money to feed their drug habit. Danièle Delorme wore here a raincoat with a belt (not really a true trench coat), very simple. She was very charming and wore her raincoat well! (André)

Giant, George Stevens, US, 1956 With James Dean. My all time favorite. There is a scene with Dennis Hopper and his new wife arriving at the airport, the wife is wearing see thru plastic high heel rainboots, and a see thru raincoat, she goes into a beauty shop for an appointment. (Paul)

Des Gens sans Importance, Henri Verneuil, France, 1956

Actress : Françoise Arnoul.
Jean Gabin is a truck driver who falls in love with the waitress of a coaching inn. She left the place to follow him and from then will never quit her lovely belted plastic mac (even when she is dying at the end). Françoise Arnoul is very moving in that film. (Cire Noir)




Somebody Up There Likes Me, Robert Wise, US, 1956


Hollywood gloss on life of boxer Rocky Graciano. Pier Angeli plays opposite Paul Newman's Rocky, sometimes from inside a period trenchcoat.(H)

(It says 'Graciano' at the front of the film, and it says 'Graciano' in my Halliwell - though most people have only heard of 'Marciano'. ( LE)

Pics thanks to André.

Hollywood or Bust, Frank Tashlin, US, 1956  Anita Ekberg wears a translucent plastic mac. (W.K.)
Nachts im Grünen Kakadu, Georg Jacoby, D, 1957

On 19 minutes there’s a brief scene showing a couple walking home in the rain at night. She wears see-through plastic raincoat. (Rainy Brian)

The Tarnished Angels, Douglas Sirk, US, 1957

Just over half way through and right at the end of the film Dorothy Malone wears a neat light coloured trenchcoat, popular at the time. (Rainy Brian)

Porte des Lilas, René Clair, France and Italy, 1957

In a couple of scenes Dany Carrel wears a long light coloured semi shiny rubber or leather raincoat. (Rainy Brian)

trenchcoatCatgirl, Alfred Shaughnessy, UK, 1957

Smultronstället, Ingmar Bergman, Sweden, 1957

aka Wild Strawberries

Towards the end of this film we see an already wet couple in their raincoats sitting in a car having an intense conversation. They then get out of the car to continue to talk in the rain and briefly we see more of their rainwear. The ladies' raincoat is plastic and possibly see-through. They then get back into the car and then talk more for a few moments.(Rainy Brian)

The Ship was Loaded, Val Guest, UK, 1957

aka Carry on Admiral

After accidentally getting dunked in the harbour a young lady is forced into a quick change of clothing and soon reappears wearing little more than a black oilskin. (Rainy Brian)

The Long Haul, Ken Hughes, UK, 1957

This is not a masterpiece but because of some "ingredients" it is OK to watch. The 50's, a truck driver story, the highlight Diana Dors in a trench. Appearances are much too short but they exert their appeal even so!

Pal Joey, George Sidney, US, 1957

With Kim Novak and Franck Sinatra. (André)


The Wayward Bus, Victor Vicas, US, 1957

With Jayne Mansfield in a nice tan mac and a young Betty Lou Keim in a see-through plastic raincoat.
The Witness for the Prosecution, Billy Wilder, US, 1957 Marlena Dietrich wears a plastic raincoat in one of the scenes here. She's a knockout anyway but with a raincoat on she's tops. With Charles Laughton Tyrone Power. (PVC)
Les Trois Font la Paire, Sacha Guitry, France, 1957 Actress : Sophie Desmarets.
A comedy by famous Sacha Guitry with Michel Simon. A crime happen on a film location. The cameraman gives the photo of the criminal to the police but then a complicated story of twins and doubles bring complications to the investigations. Sophie Desmarets wears a plastic translucent raincoat. (Cire Noir)

Monpti, Helmut Käutner, Germany,1957

Romy Schneider wears a pink translucent plastic raincape. (W.K.)


The Long Haul, Ken Hughes, 1957, UK

A long forgotten film starring Victor Mature and Diana Dors. Something about fur-smuggling. Diana doesn't need furs - she's got her trench coat! (Dave D)

I'm wondering is this might be the film referred to in your query list, which perhaps got confused with "Hell Drivers" from the same year, which does feature a young Sean Connery but no Diana Dors (and even worse, no macs!).
(Dave D.)
Rafles sur la Ville, Pierre Chenal, France, 1957 Actress : Bella Darvi. Typical french film noir of those years very efficient and sensible. Jean-Luc Godard was impressed by that film where he saw Michel Piccoli for the first time. There is a long scene in a police station where Bella Darvi wear a transparent plastic mac. (Cire Noir)



trench coat

Sois Belle et Tais-toi, Marc Allégret, France, 1958

Plenty of non-plastic rainwear in this trendy French film worn by both sexes throughout this film. Also one lady wears a short leather raincoat in a few scenes.

(Rainy Brian)

For pics thanks André

Caporali di Giornata, Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia, Italy, 1958

From around 21 minutes onwards from time to time a lady wears a long belted semi-transparent raincoat.

(Rainy Brian)

Tread Softly, StrangerTread Softly, Stranger, Gordon Parry, UK, 1958

This film stars Diana Dors, George Baker and Terence Morgan. Dave Mansell (Morgan) is visited by his older brother, Johnny (Baker). Egged on by his girlfiend, Calico (Dors), Dave commits a robbery at the factory where he works as a book-keeper. Surprised by the night-watchman, he panics and shoots him. Calico flirts with Johnny, but is much more interested in the money from the robbery.
Being set 'Oop North' there are plenty of raincoats in evidence, but you're not likely to get too excited by them.
Sylvia, the night-watchman's daughter (Jane Griffiths), wears a white cotton mac. Sylvia's boyfriend (Patrick Allen) and Dave are seen in their macs. Johnny, in one scene, enters a pub thoroughly drenched, after being caught in a downpour. Calico has a trenchcoat which she holds over her head whilst crossing the rooftops to visit the brothers' flat from her own, opposite. This is the only time we see it. (Domino)


Three Wishes, Ján Kadár and Elmar Klos, Czechoslovakia, 1958

aka Tri prání

The main character is seen walking in heavy rain with her partner. She wears a knee-length raincoat and a plastic rain bonnet. Later she stands in the pouring rain and gets very wet. Other people in raincoats can be seen in the background. (PE)

The Key, Carol Reed, USA, 1958


Italian beauty in British-style rainwear.


La Chatte, Henri Decoin, France, 1958.

aka The Cat, also The Face of the Cat.

Sometime in the fifties there was a French film called "The Face of the Cat". This was a "true story" type of thing. It was about a French woman who worked for the Abwher in Paris during the war. In it she wears a SBR mackintosh for a lot of the time. If I remember correctly the opening shot is with the cameras panning and tilting across her mackintosh in close up. She seems to live in her SBR coat during the film! Film in b&w. (Sandy) If I remember, her name was Mathilde Carrée (Bill - who kindly supplied some of the pics.)

IMDB gives the person as Suzanne Ménessier dite Cora and the actress as Françoise Arnoul - LE

(Sandy, Bill)

plastic mac

Le miroir à deux faces, André Cayatte, France and Italy, 1958


Another time another place, Lewis Allen, USA, 1958

Lana Turner plays a journalist, for whom of course the trenchcoat is (thank goodness) a professional requirement...(André)

Me And The Colonel, Peter Glenville, US, 1958

Actress Nicole Maurey wears a classic riding mack for most of the film. (RM)

En cas de malheur, Claude Autant-Lara, France, 1958.


With Jean Gabin and Brigitte Bardot. Jean Gabin plays a lawyer who defends BB in a case of robbery and falls in love with her. One evening he visits her in her hotel room, she was already in bed and to open the door she slings her shiny black mac round her. This leads (inevitably) to JG making love with her. When she gets off the bed (afterwards) she still wears the mac. (HGG)

Mon Oncle, Jacques Tati, France, 1958
At minutes 5 and 12, there are two short scenes of women wearing a shiny blue rain cape and a white rain cape. (Toni)



Le désert de Pigalle, Léo Joannon, France, 1958


Ce film raconte l'histore d'un pretre en apostolat dans le quartier de pigalle, devant faire face à des truands il réussi à s'imposer face à la pégre, magistralement interpreté par pierre trabaud il finira par succomber à un règlement de compte, sa conscience religieuse et les recomandations de son évèque lui imposant la non violence. Dans ce film Annie Girardot interpretant une prostituée au grand coeur, est vetue dans certaines scenes d'un long ciré noir brillant ceinturé,à noter que plus tard en 1984 pour le film "liste noire " elle portera aussi le meme type d'imperméable. (André)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Richard Brooks, USA, 1958 Elisabeth Taylor runs out in the pouring rain with rubber mac and get's soaking wet. (PE)
Le Miroir à Deux Faces, Andre Cayatte, France, 1958 Actress :Michele Morgan

A man (played by Bourvil) refuse plastic surgery to his wife (Michele Morgan). She does it anyway and the husband gets mad and jealous. For the third time, Michele Morgan wears a mac but this time this is a shiny PVC raincoat with assorted hat. (Cire Noir)
Bachelor of Hearts, Wolf Rilla, UK, 1958 A film tnat stands out for me from the Fifties. Starred Hardy Kruger as a postgraduate and Sylvia Syms as an undergraduate. The film revolves around Cambridge and Sylvia is as pretty as a picture throughout. There is one scene when the two of them watch the Boat Race, and on this occasion it is pouring with rain. Sylvia looks lovely in a green rubberised mac tightly belted, with her pretty face framed in the hood. Hardy was wearing a Gannex, I think. It really looked super. (John)
Sapphire, Basil Dearden, UK, 1959

A lady leaves a nightclub wearing a semi-transparent lightweight pale blue plastic raincoat.
(Rainy Brian)

Anatomy of a Murder, Otto Preminger, US, 1959

Lee Remick wear a white trenhcoat and dark glasses early on in the film.
(Rainy Brian)

Stastie Pride V Nedelu, Ján Lacko, CZ, 1959


In the first five minutes of this film loads of people can be seen in rainwear, standing in the rain, waiting to see if their lottery numbers have come up on a big screen.
(Rainy Brian)

Le Testament du Docteur Cordelier, Jean Renoir, France, 1959

On about 21 minutes we see a man wearing a shiny possibly rubber raincoat and then five minutes later there are good views of two ladies wearing different coloured rubberised raincoats.

(Rainy Brian)


plastic macDas Totenschiff, , W.Germany and Mexico, 1959

aka Ship Of Fools

Early on in the film lady puts on a see through plastic mac as she leaves home.



Der Frosch mit der Maske, Harold Reinl, West Germany, Denmark, 1959

In this film which formed part of a series of Edgar Wallace films, made abroad, but set in England, we see a lady wearing a hooded transparent raincoat. (Clip on Rainwear Central) (Rainy Brian)

Kam Cert Nemuze, Zdenek Podskalsky, Czechoslovakia, 1959


aka When the Woman Butts In

Right at the end the lead actress wears a long semi-transparent cream coloured plastic raincoat. (Rainy Brian)

plastic mac

Der Frosch mit der Maske, , Harald Reinl, Denmark and West Germany, 1959

aka Face of the Frog

Plastic rainwear.


Serious Charge, Terence Young, UK, 1959

This film stars Anthony Quayle as the Rev. Howard Phillips, a vicar in the town of Bellington, who lives with his mother (Irene Browne) and their au pair, Michelle (Liliane Brousse). Andrew Ray [eldest son of Ted Ray] plays Larry Thompson, a young trouble-maker, and Sarah Churchill [eldest daughter of Winston Churchill] plays Hester Peters, the previous vicar's daughter, who has a crush on Howard. He does not, however, have one on her. Howard speaks up for Larry's brother, Curley (a young Cliff Richard - his first film) when he is up before the Magistrates. Later, Larry's girlfriend, Mary, confesses to Howard that Larry has got her pregnant. She then sees Larry kissing Michelle, and distraught, runs in front of a car and is killed. Not knowing this, Howard confronts Larry and tells him he should face up to his responsibilities. He responds by pretending that he has been sexually assaulted by Howard. Hester, who arrives at the most inopportune moment, backs up Larry's story. A 'woman scorned' and all that.

Hester wears a swing-cut, double-breasted raincoat, Mary a light single-breasted one, Michelle wears a standard-length (for then) dark one, and Mrs. Browning is briefly seen in a plastic mac (open) towards the end of the film.

There is a very small part as the Verger for a pre-Steptoe Wilfrid Brambell. There are uncredited appearances by Wilfred Pickles as the Chairman of the Bench and Philip Lowrie (who played Elsie Tanner's son, Dennis, in the early years of 'Coronation Street') as one of Larrry's gang.

Cliff gets to sing a few bars of "Living Doll" (not to be confused with his third hit "Livin' Lovin Doll") but at a much faster tempo than in the record. Cliff initially hated the song and even tried to prevent EMI from releasing it as a single! (Dave D)

In a film more notable for Cliff Richard's acting debut we get to see a lady wearing a see-through plastic raincoat who comes to tell the vicar that his au pair has been taken from him. (Rainy Brian)



Pêcheur d'Islande, Pierre Schoendoerffer, France, 1959

Juliette Mayniel abandons her green suede raincoat in some scenes in favout of a trench. (André)
trenchBabette s'en va-t-en guerre, Christian-Jaque, France, 1959

A classic trench worn by the incomparable Brigitte Bardot. It gets to me...

Trench coats came back into fashion due to the success of this film - and I've seen a picture of a classic trench in Le Soir called "modele babette"

Du rififi chez les femmes, Alex Joffé, France and Italy, 1959

Nadja Tiller was Miss Austria in 1949. She began in cinema that year and went on to make a career in France and Italy. In Du riffifi chez les femmes she played the part of Vicky de Berlin. Shot in Bruxelles, the film was a follow-up of Du Riffifi chez les Hommes from Jules Dassin. In one scene she wears a classic trench coat. (André)
The Best of Everything, Jean Negulesco, US, 1959

With Suzy Parker, Hope Lange, Joan Crawford, and "french lover" Louis Jourdan.

In many scenes Suzy Parker wears a classic trench coat, it could be a Burberry. She was absolutely great in it - as we say in french "coup de foudre", it knocked me down. She wore it belted and you will see her in the streets of Manhattan. Unfortunately she commited suicide while wearing the coat, jumping from the window. (She is a secretary wanting to be on actress and falls in love with Louis Jordan, playing the part of an impressario. He disappoints her over the audition, and also in love.) (André)

Video clip thanks to David

On the Beach, Stanley Kramer, USA, 1959

Trench coat on the beach. (André)
trenchcoatOur Man in Havana, Carol Reed, UK, 1959 

Graham Greene's story about a vacuum cleaner salesman in pre-Castro Cuba who becomes an agent for British Intelligence stars Alec Guinness as Wormold. When he is rebuked by London for not recruiting any agents, he decides to invent some. He sends London some drawings he has made of an 'atomic reactor'. The Head of Intelligence (Ralph Richardson), tells Hawthorne (Noel Coward), "When I showed the drawings to the PM, he said it reminded him of an oversized vacuum cleaner!" London sends Beatrice (Maureen O'Hara) to assist Wormold. Thereafter things start to unravel and turn decidedly sinister.

At the end of the film we see Maureen O'Hara in a classic raincoat. (Dave D)

La Nuit des Traqués, Jean Roland,France and Belgium, 1959

With Juliette Mayniel (André)

The Bridal Path, Frank Launder, UK, 1959.

Fiona Clyne visits Travers wearing a rubberised cotton trenchcoat, and goes to sea with him in it. She wears it tightly belted (buckled). The buttons are leatherlook, it has a double front yoke, comes to the knee, is double-breasted, has wrist straps. She wears it open at the collar. (H)

WK adds: Three items of rainwear in this film. The heroine Bernadette O'Farrell wears an off-white double textured riding mac, Charlotte Mitchell, a policemans wife, puts on a single-texture rubberlined mackintosh and Fiona Clyne is seen carrying but not wearing a plastic raincoat.



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