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Hoffman, Alvin Rakoff, UK, 1970

Sinead Cusack wears a 70s rubberized trenchcoat to protect her chastity from Peter Sellers. "Does your fiancé like you to wear rubber raincoats to bed"? Sellers asks in frustration.. (David)

The ultimate Gangster movie - now available on DVD. (LE)

The Walking Stick, Eric Till, UK, 1970 Samantha Eggar wears a trenchcoat, sixties style, playing opposite David Hemmings. Mixed reviews on IMDB, but some highly enthusiastic. Eggar I think always polarises her audience. Among those whom her electricity shorts around are John Fowles, writing recently about making The Collector (1965, William Wyler) with her - an interesting film in spite of hugely disappointing rainwear. (H)
Brewster McCloud, Robert Altman, US, 1970

During a funeral burial scene it starts to rain and everyone dons different coloured plastic raincoats. (Rainy Brian; thanks for pics to MacRain)

Deep End, Jerzy Skolimoski, US and W.Germany, 1970 The actress in the film "Deep End" is Jane Asher, former girlfriend of Paul McCartney. She wears the yellow PVC maxi double breated stud-fastened raincoat during almost every outdoor scene, of which there are quite a few. (Chris)

Lynne Frederick as MaryNo Blade of Grass, Cornel Wilde, UK, 1970 Lynne Frederick wears a calf-length blue Gangster mack for nearly the whole film and in some filthy weather. Her father and mother wear shortie riding macks for the whole film and there are at least ten sightings of women wearing double textured macks during the rain sodden film. (Dannimac)
WUSA, Stuart Rosenberg,US, 1970
Stars Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, and others... In one scene, Cloris Leachman, walking with crutches, heads out into the rain, putting on a concertina-style rain hat... (I don't think this movie has been shown since the late '70's, I remember seeing it while I was in High School). (Larbud)
Solo, Jean-Pierre Mocky, France and Belgium,1970 In this enigmatic film noir ending the sixties, Anne Deleuze is a leftist member of a terrorist organisation who want to commit a bomb attack in a bourgeois party. She is recued by a gangster, who is the brother of Anne Deleuze' character's friend. Anne Deleuze wears a magnificent red shiny pvc raincoat typical of that period. (Cire Noir)
Rider on the Rain, Rene Clement, France and US, 1970 Stars Charles Bronson and Marlene Jobert, A French Housewife, played by Jobert, kills a sex maniac who raped her, not knowing she's being pursued by a mysterious American, played by Bronson, in several scenes you see Jobert's character sporting a medium length white raincoat, fashionable at the time, sometimes accompanied by a matching rainhat! (LH)
The Lady in a Car with Glasses and a Gun, Anatole Litvak, France and USA, 1970

Samanthe Egar wears a Burberry trenchcoat for a brief hospital scene. (André)


double-texture girl's macL'Uccello dalle piume di cristallo,, Dario Argento, Italy and West Germany, 1970

aka The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

Heroine wears a beige double-texture mac for many scenes including laying on the floor with hands bound behind. Villainess wear a black pvc coat for many shots but rather dark so not clear. (Dannimac)

Brotherly Love, J Lee Thompson, US, 1970

Features Susannah York occasionally wearing a Valstar Gangster mackintosh (off-white rubberised double-textured cotton). It is a lovely white, mini-length version. She looks absolutely superb in it. (Pete D)

Dannimac comments: In the opening ten minutes Susannah York wears a mac of the same raglan sleeve style - yoked front and back - as the one worn in Hoffman, but off-white,. In the end five minutes she wears a short riding mack.



Die Bettwurst, Rosa von Praunheim, Germany, 1971






Wat Zien Ik, Paul Verhoven, Netherlands, 1971

aka Diary of a Hooker

In the opening scenes the lady concerned wear a shiny cornflowered coloured shiny PVC raincoat. (Rainy Brian, Kingler)

Please Sir!, Mark Stuart, UK, 1971 Towards the end of this film you get a brief look at Jill Kerman's shiny red PVC raincoat. (RainyBrian)
gangster macLittle Murders, Alan Arkin, US, 1971 An authentic red Gangster in a cameo role. (H, thanks to Pete)
Percy, Ralph Thomas, UK, 1971 Early scenes in the film show a very brief moment of a woman in a brown PVC coat and a longer scene with a woman in a snakeskin PVC mac in the antique shop. (Gary B)
Franz, Jacues Brel, Belgium and France, 1971
This the first film from Jacues Brel as a director. The man who became a legend in his own time and a monument of the French "chanson" plays here the part of an employee of the state in a "rest house" in a Belgian seaside town. The character is a dreamer who falls in love with another "pensionnare", Léonnie, performed by the French singer and composer Barbara the so called "dame en noir". She wears here a long shiny black trench coat ciré noir. Danielle Evenou who also appears wears the kind of trench coat with the early 70's look - just to my taste. (André)
Max et les Ferrailleurs, Claude Sautet, France, 1971

aka Il Commissario Pelissier (Thanks Milo)

Romy Schneider is a prostitute. Several times during the film she wears a shiny, black raincoat with a belt. You see her put it on, you see her take it off and you see her walk in the dark streets. A fantastic film for all "shiny, black raincoat lovers". (MacRain)

Milo adds: Of interest to smoking fetishists as well: She (Lily and Romy) smokes Kools in several scenes, though her inhales appear rather shallow for a woman noted for being a real-life heavy smoker. There is a long-lasting thin nasal exhale and a nice scene towards the end when she screws up her face as her last drag hits her harder than she had expected. (The film is about a police officer who sets up a bank robbery to apprehend would-be thieves.)

Pics thanks to André.

Klute, Alan J. Pakula, US, 1971

Jane Fonda wears the trenchcoat (Dannimac)
Psychomania, Don Sharp, UK, 1971 It's a movie about a motorcycle gang, not a great movie when you ask me. But Jane is always dressed in a red pvc coat and that is a very nice sight I can tell you. (Sid P)
L'Alliance, Christian de Chalonge, France, 1971 Anna Karina porte tout le long du film un très joli ciré noir. (Teriac)

Le Mans, Lee H. Katzin, US, 1971 A wet trench coat on view (Enzo).
Get Carter, Mike Hodges, UK, 1971

 The Michael Caine view. His niece, played by Petra Markham, is seen at a cafe wearing an off-white PVC raincoat and later Dorothy White wears a black PVC raincoat.

They are thinking of remaking this film - but will it still have the 1970s raincoats? (Bob)

The Mephisto Waltz, Paul Wendkos, US, 1971

Jacqueline Bisset wears a white Burberry-style trenchcoat (as journalists thankfully do) for key action in this Black Arts romp. Huge lapels, teasingly sharp angles on the yoke to the rear, tightly tied belt - but a slim, straight profile, a thing of the early 70s. (HB)

Faustine et le bel Ete, Nina Companez, La France, 1971 In Faustine et le bel Ete (which also shows Isabelle Adjani in her debut), Muriel Catala goes out in the rainy night with a shiny pvc white raincoat with compatible rainhat and rubber shiny white boots. She is really beautiful and would move any raincoat lover. The film is a sort of chronicle about early loves in the country. (Cire Noir)
Mach Alles Mit, Kurt Nachman, Germany, 1971 Marion Forster wears a black plastic mac with a tiger stripe pattern - only.
Puppet on a chain, Geoffrey Reeve, UK, 1971


An Alistair Mclean story starring Sven Bertil Taube (Sweden) and set in Amsterdam. About halfway through there is a lovely scene (about half a minute) in a dark street with a prostituted wearing a long shiny black raincoat, belted and buttoned.(MacRain).

Clip, one of a lovely collection, made available by generosity of MacRain.

Deliverance, John Boorman, USA, 1972

A group of men, on vacation, rowing up a river encounter some extremely unpleasant men and eventually succeed in bumping them off. As they do one of them wears a semi-transparent plastic jacket. (Rainy Brian, Kingler)

Roma, Frederico Fellini, Italy and France, 1972

There are lots of brief brief shots of rainwear as a camera crew films rush hour traffic in a rainstorm. The cameraman wears a see through pink plastic raincoat. (Rainy Brian, Kingler)
Carry on Abroad, Gerald Thomas, UK, 1972 When a long thunderstorm interrupts their sunbathing most of the cast don plastic macs and head off on a coach trip, wearing them on their return as well. Gail Grainger (standing in for Valeria Leon) as Miss Plunkett is very impressive as she slides off her wafer thin pale blue transparent mac almost effortlessly after she gets on the coach.) (Rainy Brian)
The Ragman's Daughter, Harold Becker, UK, 1972

Victoria Tennant carries round with her (and sometimes wears) a double-textured rubberised cotton raincoat, fashionable in the period - a white, mini-length, Valstar Gangster. Like the one worn by Sinead Cusack in Hoffman. (David, Pete D)

Dannimac adds:

Actually Victoria Tennant doesn't carry the mac in any scene. though she wears it for most of her scenes - including climbing out of windows, down and up ladders, falling on the floor and snuggling with her boyfriend. I think her white mac is meant to give her a virginial appearance in the hands of her corrupting boyfriend.

plastic macCesar et Rosalie, Claude Sautet, France, 1972

In that film by Claude Sautet following his Max et les Ferrailleurs . Romy Schneider being unforgettable in the former film as Lilly in her long black shiny PVC raincoat, here she is seen on the beach wearing a lovely shiny yellow raincoat. The last interesting film of Claude Sautet as well. (Cire Noir)

One Is A Lonely Number, Mel Stuart, US, 1972

Heroine wears a calf length off-white 'Gangster' mack for the first five minutes of the film. (Dannimac)
Dr Popaul, Claude Chabrol, France, 1972 Laura Antonelli wears a 'ciré noir ' - very lovely . (J-M V)
La Mandarine, Eduard Molinaro, France and Italy, 1972 With Annie Girardot. (André)
Traitement de Choc, Alain Jessua, France, 1972 Annie Girardot visits Belle Ile (a well-named island in Britanny) and joins a cure center where Alain Delon is a mad scientist experimenting on human beings. She wears a beautiful shiny green mackintosh with a zip, very fashionable at the time. (Cire Noir)
La Dama Rossa Uccide Sette Volte, Emilio Miraglia, Italy and West Germany, 1972


aka Cry Of A Prostitute:Love Kills

Around 43 minutes into this film we see a lady wearing a belted transparent plastic raincoat. Then there are glimpses of other inmates of the asylum wearing them as well as they wander around the gardens under supervision. (Rainy Brian)

Home For the Holidays, John Llewellyn Moxey, US, 1972

Made for tv.

Writing credit: Joseph Stefano

An ailing man summons his three daughters home for Christmas and asks them to kill his new wife, who he suspects is poisoning him. Eleanor Parker appears wearing a plastic mac. Other stars include Sally Field, Julie Harris and Jill Haworth. (Rainman)


Anamika,Raghunath Jhalani, India, 1973

Aka Girl without a name

It’s very unusual to see rainwear in a Hindu movie even when it’s raining, but in this film we see a dancer wearing a fine pink raincoat which glistens in the rain. But our enjoyment is short lived and it soon comes off even though it’s still raining! Note: In this film the director is just referred to s R Jhalani. (Rainy Brian, Kingler)

Steptoe and Son Ride Again, Peter Sykes, UK, 1973 Yootha Joyce wears a crocodile patterned shiny black PVC raincoat during the ‘funeral’ of  Harold. (Rainy Brian)
That'll be the Day, Claude Whatham, UK, 1973 With David Essex. Numerous scenes of girls and women wearing plastic macs at the beach. (Priscilla)


Don't Look Now, Nicolas Roeg, UK, 1973

Opens with a young girl wearing a vinyl raincoat and hat drowning in a pond and ends with two women, at least one of whom wears a black plastic raincoat, standing on the deck of a gondola. With Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie. (Evad, Anon; and thanks to Jeff) "A powerful and dazzling visual texture ..." - Penelope Houston, quoted in Halliwell. Christie is also shown wearing a wonderful trenchcoat. (H)

Les Noces Rouges, Claude Chabrol, La France, 1973 Les Noces Rouges, starring Stephane Audran and Michel Piccoli tells a story about a woman unhappily married to Auriole (Claude Pieplu) and her relationship with 'swinger' Michel Piccoli. They plan to kill Auriole, and finally succeed. Stephane (Claude Chabrol's wife) wears a trench coat (a Burberry I think), and there is a great scene when she goes into a museum and Picoli slips his hands under her raincoat to caress her legs. (André)
Projection Privee, François Leterrier, France, 1973 Jane Birkin wears a shiny red raincoat shaped in quite a common way than (but very exciting). (Cire Noir)
riding macThe Mackintosh Man, John Huston, UK, 1973

Features Dominique Sanda in a white trenchcoat, a riding mac-style jacket, and a grey trenchcoat. Highly recommended. (Huw)

Maybe the second trenchcoat is beige? - or actually maybe the second is grey and the THIRD is beige - ? (LE)

I think there are only two - but the second one is definitely beige. I think it is the lighting that makes it look slightly different in the Maltese exterior shots. Beige is a funny colour - it's a mixture off grey, buff and a hint of pink. (Dave D)

Beige (LE)

Pics - thanks to Alan D

Comment réussir dans la vie quand on est con et
Michel Audiard, France, 1973
Quite a heavy french comedy saved by a strip tease of Jane Birkin wearing a delightful maxi black shiny pvc raincoat. (Cire Noir)
La gifle, Claude Pinoteau, France and Italy, 1974

Impossible for a film about teenagers from those early years not to wear a pvc raincoat - cire in french for those particular kind -, they were everywhere to our great pleasure. So Isabelle Ajani in her first big part is wearing a zipped blue one. We even learn that she has another one which is yellow. In one scene she goes to bed with the mackintosh and her boyfriend ask : "do you go to bed with your raincoat ?" and they fight as he is trying to get it off her. We can wonder why ? (Cire Noir)

If a viewer watches the rest of the film after the bedroom scene they will discover a white double-texture trench mac with cape, gun flaps and tightly belted. This mac is worn for much of the second half of the film. Its also good to see Robert Hardy in the film, pity he left his riding mac in the All Creatures Great and Small studio. (Dannimac)

riding macAll Creatures Great and Small, Claude Whatham, UK, 1974 The actress wearing a nice traditional rubberised cotton riding mac is the lovely Lisa Harrow. (PD)

Gatti Rossi In Un Labirinto Di Vetro,Umberto Lenzi, Italy and Spain, 1975

The murderer in the red transparent raincoat movie! It all starts off when a coach party visits a ‘house of horror’. It’s raining so the coach driver gives them all red transparent raincoats to wear. But on the ghost train one of them is murdered by someone wearing one of these raincoats and it goes on from there, fairly regularly! (Rainy Brian)

trenchcoatI don't want to be  born, Peter Sasdy, UK, 1975

A horror movie with Joan Collins. A couple of scenes have Joan dressed in trenchcoat. (Artem)

L'Incorrigible, Philippe de Broca, France, 1975

A french comedy featuring Jean-Paul Belmondo. Several minutes after beginning we can see a woman dressed in classic trenchcoat. (Artem)
Funny Lady, Herbert Ross, US, 1975 The sequel to "Funny Girl". Showgirls in swimming gear and see-through plastic
Airport 1975, Jack Smight, US, 1974 Features stewardesses in their uniform trenchcoats. (Ron)
The Romantic Englishwoman, Joseph Losey, France and UK, 1975

Glenda Jackson wears a stone coloured raincoat with a fur collar at the begining of the film and again at the "airport".

Helmut Berger - her gigilo- also wears a classic double breastd mac in several scenes.

One of the female cast also wears an open classic mac in a later scene with Michael Caine. (D)



Folle à tuer, Yves Boisset, France, 1975

Tommy, Ken Russell, UK, 1975 Ann-Margret wears a clear plastic raincoat and clear plastic overshoe (cusserve)
Aces High, Jack Gold, UK, 1976 Peter Firth wears a riding mac for most of the action. (KR)
Family Plot, Alfred Hitchcock, US, 1976

This was Hitchcock's last movie. A complicated plot involves fake medium Blanche (Barbara Harris) and her taxi-driver partner Lumley (Bruce Dern) with Adamson (William Devane) and his accomplice Fran (Karen Black) who are seriously into kidnapping. When we first see Fran she is wearing a blonde wig and a black trenchcoat. Sadly, we don't get to see it too well. Later in the film (bewigged again) she dons a classic stone-coloured trenchcoat. This time we get a good look. (Dave D)

Revenge, Sidney Hayers, UK, 1971


aka Inn of the Frightened People

At the start of this strange film Sinead Cusack abd Zuleika Robson are both wearing black PVC raincoats at a funeral. (Bob)


trench coat

Duelle, Jacques Rivette, France, 1976



Nicole Garcia sports brown trenchcoat in this movie.





trench coat

Calmos, Bertrand Blier, France, 1976



One of the ladies on train wears nothing but a trenchcoat.




Silent Movie, Mel Brooks, US, 1976 A real short scene where Marty Feldman runs into a showgirl backstage. She is wearing a bikini and a clear plastic rain jacket. (Milo)


Aces High, Jack Gold, UK, 1976.

Several first world war young fighter pilots wearing mackintoshes as part of their uniform. Clip on You Tube (part 8) is good. (Dannimac)
Mort d'un Pourri, Georges Lautner, 1977 A french political thriller with Alain Delon and Ornella Muti. The character played by Alain Delon accidentally gets hold of a diary of a corrupt man with important info in it, inf that can hurt plenty of influential people in Paris. Ornella Muti wears two different macs in this movie. (Artem)
plastic macLa Dentelliere, Claude Goretta, Switzerland, 1977

aka The Lacemaker

During a rainy day cliffside excursion, Yves Beneyton comforts an emotionally fragile Isabelle Huppert. Picture in Rainy Day Cinema.(T. Pics thanks to W.K.)

Pete's Dragon, Don Chaffey, US, 1977 Starring Mickey Rooney and Helen Reddy. In the latter part, you see Helen decked out in an old fashioned yellow slicker with the buckles and a matching sou'wester. (LH)
Le Point de Mire, Jean-Claude Tramont, France, 1977

Annie Girardot wears a trenchcoat. (André)

Julia, Fred Zinnemann, US, 1977 Starring Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave, "Julia" has an all-too-brief section showing them in glorious yellow oilskins and sou'westers. (Huw)


Fievres nocturnes , Claude Bernard-Aubert, France, 1978


aka Les grandes jouisseuses

A pornmovie with the lovely Brigitte Lahaie. She is in some scenes dressed in a belted black raincoat. Another women wants to get her friend's attention, so she puts a similar black raincoat on. (MacRain)

Cevriyem, Memduh Ün, Turkey, 1978

In this Turkish film the lead lady buys a three-quarter length shiny red PVC raincoat from a market stall and then wears it for much of the remainder of the film. (Rainy Brian, Kingler)
I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Robert Zemekis, US, 1978. This is a comedy about some teenage fans of "The Beatles" band. They are arriving in New York, trying to attend The Beatles Live Show (but they don't have tickets) and having a lot of funny and ridiculous situations. One of the girls wears a yellow mac for almost entire movie. (Artem)
yellow slickerThe Class of Miss MacMichael, Silvio Narizzano, UK, 1978 Glenda Jackson takes the lead role of Conor MacMichael in this comedy drama about a dedicated and committed schoolteacher's attempts to beat the odds, reach out and win over a class of delinquents. However, her efforts look set to be frustrated by a series of obstacles, not least disciplinarian headmaster Oliver Reed, who thinks that the only way to get through to the youngsters is through harsh measures. Glenda wears her thick, yellow and blue, hooded rubber anorak of that era to terrific effect, and it offers her the best of protection when she spatters herself with mud.  (Richard)


Coma, Michael Crichton, US, 1978

This hospital thriller stars Genevieve Bujold, Michael Douglas and Richard Widmark. There are a couple of scenes in the early part of the film in which Dr. Susan Wheeler (Bujold) wears a trench coat. Make the most of the first one, because in the second, she doesn't put the light on until she has taken it off! (Dave D)
Un papillon sur l'épaule, Jacques Deray, La France, 1978 Great to see Claudine Auger here walking into the hotel room wearing her trenchcoat - long hair, hands in pockets. Later in the film she wears it open ; her hair in a "chignon". In the end she died with it on - in the arms of co-star Lino Ventura. (André)
L'argent des Autres, Christian de Chalonge, 1978, France French thriller (André)
The Buddy Holly Story, Steve Rash, US, 1978 When she says goodbye (as he gets on the bus) Buddy Holly's wife wears a wonderful billowing 50's vintage a-line yellow-lined clear vinyl raincoat, with a nice flat attached hood. (Evadr)
Maîtresse, Barbet Schroeder, France, 1978 Gerard Depardieu is a burglar who meets by accident a woman who is a mistress in sado-masochism. A love story starts instantly between them despite the fact that he doesn't share that attraction. In a couple of scenes, Bulle Ogier wears a beautiful latex black cape. (Cire Noir)
Fedora, Billy Wilder, West Germany and France, 1978 Both Marthe Keller and Frances Sternhagen wear shiny black long raincoats. (Anon)
Le Sucre, Jacques Rouffio, France, 1978 Actress : Fanny Fontaine.
A film inspired by the "Sugar Crisis" of 1976 with Gérard Depardieu and Jean Carmet. In one scene, Fanny Fontaine is a desperate girl dressed in a magnificent Ramosport (the raincoat label is credited in the titles) offering herself to Jean Carmet. (Cire Noir)
Ffolkes, Andrew V. McLaglen, UK, 1979


aka North Sea Hijack, Assault Force

Starring Roger Moore, James Mason and Anthony
Perkins among others.

A terrorist gang led by Anthony Perkins demands a ransom of £25 million or they will blow up two oil platforms and a supply ship. Roger Moore , as the improbably named Rufus Excalibur ffolkes , saves the day assisted by James Mason as a Navy Admiral and one of H. M. Governments Ministers, Lord Privy Seal Dennis Tipping played by Jeremy Clyde, who wears an off-white full length riding mac with a yellow lining and leg-straps throughout the film. There are also numerous other characters wearing PVC and rubber rainwear in the film.


The Driller Killer,  Abel Ferrara, US, 1979

Soon after the start and again towards the end a young lady wears a short fashion shiny black PVC jacket as she and friends attend a gig. (Rainy Brian, Kingler)

A Perfect Couple, Robert Altman, US, 1979

See through plastic raincoats can be seen as it rains while the ‘perfect couple’ dine outdoors.
La DerobadeLa Derobade, Daniel Duval, France, 1979 With Miou-Miou, Maria Schneider, Daniel Duval.

The best french film about the prostitution. Miou-Miou wears three different raincoats : a beige mac, a blue mac and a white trenchcoat.  (Jack)
Flic ou Voyou, Georges Lautner, France, 1979

Another french movie with Jean-Paul Belmondo. He plays a role of police inspector who fights the corruption in french police.

In the last scene inspector and his daughter both coming into heavy rain wearing their macs on and then getting rid of umbrella - obviously, to test if the macs are really waterproof. (Artem)

Coup de tête, Jean-Jacques Annaud, France, 1979

With Patrick Dewaere and France Dougnac. A young man (Patrick Dewaere) is unjustly jailed. An influential football club president set him at liberty to play an important match of soccer. In one scene of this movie, France Dougnac (first femenine role) wears a beautiful rubberised blue mac. (Bernard)

A Man, a Woman and a Bank, Noel Black, Canada, 1979.

Features Brooke Adams taking some photos on a wet night location wearing a lovely long grey metallic silver wet-look mac possibly made out of soft vinyl. Also starring in this amusing film is Donald Sutherland. (Paul)

Yanks, John Schelsinger, US and West Germany and UK, 1979

In a few scenes Lisa Eichcorn wears a trench coat. (André)

It's a sort of 'utility' WW1 fawn (actually I prefer to think khaki) gaberdine trenchcoat with wrist tabs (not straps) and epaulettes and I think it's lovely! (LE)

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, Jon Stone, USA, 1979

A lot of rubber boots here! (Michael D)

Kramer vs. Kramer, Robert Benton, USA, 1979

Wouldn't you like to run into those arms? Meryl Streep welcomes her little one into the folds of her oh so classy trenchcoat. (H)

North Avenue Irregulars, Bruce Bilson, US, 1979

One of the really great trenchcoat films! (Ron)

Mon oncle d'Amérique, Alain Resnais, France, 1979

This is a film based on the works of Professor Henry Laborit who played his own role in the film under the behaviour of the human being and the animals. Four characters in this film are performed by Gérard Depardieu, Pierre Arditi, Roger Pierre and Nicole Garcia. Nicole Garcia wore a Burberry in several scenes, had a relation with Roger Pierre. The character played by Nicole is hysterical in one scene, for which she wears her Burberry with the belt firmly buckled.. The films used flash-back scenes of classical french movies. Later Nicole jumps off her car and lies on the ground in a trench coat, the flash-back scene then was a film of 1956 with Jean Marais - also in a raincoat Thyphon sur Nagazaki. (André)
Norma Rae, Martin Ritt, US, 1979 Sally Field, the title character, watching her father's coffin disappear at his funeral in the rain, wears a clear plastic concertina style rain hat. In the background, another mourner wears a plastic rain coat with a hood. (BJ)
The Amityville Horror, Stuart Rosenberg, US, 1979

 There are horrible things in this movie, but Margot Kidder in her classic beige trenchcoat is not among them.(H)

Jim comments in some detail.


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